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What is search engine optimization?
This is a process of increasing the quantity and  the quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

What are the types of SEO?

There  are two types of SEO

1: On page optimization

2: Off page optimization

On page optimization:
 It refers to the factors you can control on your own website.
Off page optimization: 
It refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website.

What are  On page ranking factors of SEO?

On page factors have big impact on your pages ability that factors that affect ranking are listed as follow

1: Content
2: Title Tag
3: URL
4: Img alt  text 
An ideally optimized web page should do all the following

  • Be hyper relevant to the specific topic
  • Includes subject in title tag
  • Includes subject in URL
  • Includes subject in image alt text
  • Specify subject several times throughout text content
  •  Provide unique content about a given subject

Off page optimization methods:

  • Creating shareable content
  • Social media engagement
  • Social bookmarking
  • Forum submission
  • Blog submission
  • Slide submission
  • Video submission
  • Classified submission
  • Document Sharing
  • Info graphic submission
Google Algorithm

google algorithm for seo 2020

  1. Google Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Humming bird
  4. Pigeon
  5. Mobilegeddon
  6. Rank Brain
  7. Possun
  8. Fred

1: PANDA  Launch date Feb24, 2011

 PANDA assigns a name called quality scores to web pages. This quality score is often used as google’s ranking factor.

Tuning your website:
Run regular site checks for content duplication and keyword stuffing

2: PENGUIN launch date April 24, 2012

Its objective is to down rank sites whose back links are low quality and spam links

Tuning your website:
Do regular check for back links and often analysis its quality

3: HUMMING BIRD Launch date Aug est 22, 2013

Humming bird helps google better interpret search queries and provide results that match searchers intent. Humming bird makes it possible for a page to rank for a query even it doesn’t contain exact words the searchers entered.

Tuning your website:
                                   Focus on keyword research and concepts carefully research related searches , synonyms and co-occurring terms.

4: PIGEON Launch date: July 24, 2014

Pigeon affects those searches in which the geo location plays a vital role. Pigeon creates closer ties between local algorithm and core algorithm.

Tuning your website:
A good starting point is running on page analysis for content. Same way post about website in relevant business directories.
5: MOBILE GEDDON: Launch date: April21, 2015

Mobile geddon ensures that mobile friendly page ranks at the top of mobile search.

Tuning your website:
Go mobile and focus on speed and usability. Google mobile friendly test will help you see which aspects of your pages, mobile version need to improved.

RANK BRAIN: Launch on October 26, 2015, In other words this algorithm also called as google algorithm machine learning since its A.I Based

Mechanism: Rank brain is a machine learning system that helps google understand the meaning behind queries. Rank brain third most ranking factor
Tuning your website:Optimize content for relevance and comprehensiveness with the help of competitive analysisPOSSUM-Launch date: Sep1 2016

Mechanism:It ensured the local results vary more depending on the searchers location.

Tuning your website:Use local business now need to be targeting more keywords than they used to.

FRED Launch date: March 8, 2017

 Fred targets the websites that violates google webmasters guidelines

Tuning your website:
 If you show ads make sure the pages they are found on are high quality and offer relevant and ample information

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